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Costa Rica in Prague – Soul Nourishing Messages

Growing up, my dad was an avid photographer, he had all sorts of cameras with a variety of lenses as well as a polaroid camera! Remember those? He used to snap photos of me when I was little, they would instantly come out of the camera, he’d wave the photo around and you could see the image come to life.

5 Steps That Will Add to your Success

Whether you are focusing on your health (weight loss, exercise, healthy foods etc), trying to find some balance in your life or boosting the health of your business, these 5 easy steps can really help add to all areas of your life. One thing I have learned about...

Yoga for Golfers

Yoga is for all golfers - from beginners to the advanced player I am new to the sport of golf. I am only just in my second year of playing and taking lessons as well as practicing on a weekly basis. As you well know, it's one of the most challenging sports - at least...

First Start Loving Yourself

Recently, this has become a big focus in my life, what it really means to love myself. As I have moved deeper and deeper into entrepreneurship, my relationship with myself has completely changed. I had no idea it needed to change, it just has over time. Yet, I seek...

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