I was having a conversation with a client the other day – we were talking about healthy lifestyle choices. I have been studying food, nutrition, and well healthy lifestyle for a long time now – I know there’s always new information that comes out but, for the most part, the basic principles do not change.

Eat as much fresh food (veggies, fruits) as you can. Eat less processed food. Drink plenty of water. Learn to cook. Eat good proteins that work for your body – some prefer plant based proteins over meat (good quality grass fed, free range) which is absolutely fine. Shop as locally as possible. Figure out what works best for your body. Breathe. Exercise your mind as well as your body. Get good quality sleep.

I find these principles simple and you can manipulate them to fit with your lifestyle. For example – you can be vegan throughout the day and after 6PM eat a steak and have a good glass of wine. If you eat out on a daily basis, you can learn to make the best possible choice from the menu. Your exercise program is whatever brings the most joy. You can be as creative as you want to be – I find it amazing how different people make different things work!

But the one thing that hit me the other day in this conversation with my client was this.

“Remember, what you put in your body affects how you think and how you feel.”

I have known this intellectually, but when I said it out loud, it clicked. Like it really clicked with me emotionally that if I was a little more conscientious (on a regular basis) about what I was putting in my body, it might actually be easier to feel good and think more positively! Yes, I struggle with feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, helplessness, and self-doubt.

That can be a huge deal because It can affect my focus, my moods and how I react to what is happening in my life. When I feel extremely overwhelmed I go into this “I don’t care” mode and I will eat whatever I want – normally a lot of simple carbohydrates, sugar, & fat (potato chips, cheese, wine, pizza etc. As a result, I feel lethargic, my brain feels slow, and I don’t sleep as well as I need to due to what I have put in my body. I then also feel like I have lost the “healthy” rhythm I was in and less motivated.

How to keep yourself better focused on what it is you want with high-quality nutrition.

To stay better focused on what it is you want, it’s important to give your body good nutrition on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean to say that there’s no room for cheese, wine or pizza! Those are important too – however in moderation. When your body is receiving good nutrition (hopefully your digestion is healthy and you are absorbing those nutrients properly), you function (as a whole) with more clarity and it’s much easier to keep your thoughts aligned with what it is you want. Also, you tend to feel more balanced, calm and light vs.feeling anxious, helpless and fearful.

Show up for yourself.

Now, what does this mean? It means you are taking care of yourself. Only you know what you need to give yourself. It could be daily meditation, daily exercise, a weekly yoga practice, self-love, positive self-talk,  and positive talk/speak with others..

Healthy boundaries (for your emotional well being)

Having healthy boundaries is for me, they are not for others! These are extremely important because having them helps me be a brighter version of myself. I feel better in my own skin and more confident in who I am. I feel empowered when I make decisions for myself. I feel happy that I am in charge of my life and that I am the one leading the show. And I feel much more at ease in my life. Set healthy boundaries for yourself – so you can BE your brightest self!

Drink lots of water. Aim for 3 liters a day.

That one is pretty simple.

Feel. Breathe. Be curious.

What are you feeling? We are designed to feel and we are designed to experience those feelings no matter what they are. There’s no reason to judge any of your feelings – they are real, they are acceptable and they are all wonderful. Sit back and breathe. Breathe into your anxiety. Breathe into your fear. Breathe into that helplessness. When you consciously and mindfully breathe, you will give those feelings room to expand. The discomfort will pass. And be curious about them! Curiosity can lead to all sorts of wonderful things – greater self-awareness, creative and inspired action, self-forgiveness and more opportunity to love yourself!

Eat different colors. Eat your greens. Take daily supplements. Write. Write a letter to a close family member and tell them how you really feel – then burn it. Write a love letter to yourself. Be with people that inspire you and lift you up. Be humble. Forgive yourself. Embrace personal transformation. Grow. Drink room temperature water with freshly squeezed lemon every day. Live how you want to be living right here right now. Be present.

Your thoughts are powerful and become things… Stay focused on what it is you want on a daily basis… Greater alignment comes with inspired and daily action steps… Achieve your goals with greater ease and greater joy!

Most of all, be your AUTHENTIC self – we need you and your unique gifts that you bring to the planet!