I am rebuilding a new me in 2022! I will be focusing on my health, work/career, and my happiness. Direct your focus where you need to. Get inspired with these action steps.

Last year was a pretty crazy year for – lots of change, lots of movement and a lot of adjusting. Needless to say it was hard and extremely emotional. This year, I am rebuilding a new me in 2022. Rebuilding, for me at least, includes a variety of steps which I will more than likely continuously tweak along the way. As life is constantly changing, I imagine I will have to make adjustments as I go. It is easy to get stuck in habits and routines, and for me personally, I will have to be mindful of old habits and maintain my focus on new ones.

The three areas that are of utmost importance at this moment are the following – my health (mind, body, spirit), work and career and my overall happiness. That’s a lot right? However, with ME being my sole focus (along with my animals), I believe I have a great shot at succeeding. Keep my eye on the big picture, focus daily on the small yet important action steps (remember that motivation follows action!) and most of all be consistent and persistent. Let me break down these areas with easy action steps that you could easily incorporate into your life. Remember, you have to make time for you in your life…

Eat a lot of vegetables, change up the colors daily!

Health – Mind/Body/Spirit

  • Exercise daily! Put a training program together OR have someone put one together for you. One that makes sense for your life and where you are now. How many days a week? What time of day? Group exercise or solo? How much time in a day can you give yourself for exercise? Be realistic and super specific. I also suggest you make it easy on yourself – start slow and build.
  • Meditate and or Journal. I will be honest here – I spend more time journalling than I do meditating, however I do get both in. Journalling has been an incredible healing tool for me these past six months – I write three pages daily and empty out as many thoughts and feelings as I can. It’s a space where I can be honest and it makes me feel connected to my higher power. It’s become an amazing habit and I have fallen in love with writing.
  • Drink water and eat tons of vegetables. Do this on the daily. Add in different colors – greens, purples, reds, yellows, oranges etc.. Get a water bottle, fill it four or more times a day (depending on it’s size) and take it with you everywhere!

Work and Career

  • Daily/Weekly action steps for Red Hot Coaching. I want to build a bigger client base as well as create fun group programs that I can offer to a variety of people. To do this, I will be writing consistently every week to create more content for my site. (Grow my readership). Brainstorm for fun group programs, put them together and have my web guy help me set that up on my site. Send out a fun newsy newsletter once a month (creative, colorful, easy and engaging). For anyone building a business – remember to schedule in some time, be consistent, and follow through. Do what you say you are going to do! Action will create motivation! Action will also help you come into alignment!
  • Real Estate! I just received my real estate license so I will be training, learning, and then selling!! This is new for me and I am excited to have this in my life. This will be a learning curve for me and I will be working my butt off. It’s going to be a lot of fun!
What action steps did you take today? Action will create motivation!

My Happiness

  • Stay connected to people that uplift me. After my divorce last year I cut out a lot of people in my life – it did leave me feeling lonely at times however overall, I am feeling happier. Those that I do connect with are supportive and uplifting of where I am in my life now. Go through your facebook friends list and unfriend. Have meaningful conversations.
  • Sleep. Good sleep makes me feel energized and focused, as well, it supports my body and mind. Love waking up feeling rested.
  • Laugh more. I always feel good after a good belly laugh. I want more laughter in my life this year!
The adventure is yours for the taking! You have everything you need already inside of you… BELIEVE IT!

Rebuilding a new me in 2022 is going to be fun and adventurous! The most important things to remember are daily action steps, consistency and persistence. No day is going to be perfect however I am making a promise to myself to give every day my best effort. I mean if I was going to train for a marathon, I wouldn’t do it in one day. Everyday I would have to keep up the visual of lacing up my running shoes and heading out for a training run and then take the action step of going for a run!

What are you doing in 2022? I hope you are putting together a cool vision plan (I have a free one for you on my site!) for this year, one you can accomplish and be successful at!