“A Flexitarian Approach to eating is defined as a person who eats a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish” according to google dictionary. Now that we have tuned into our bodies, listened to its messages, and gotten some clarity as to what it needs (see A Flexitarian Approach to Eating Part 1) we are going to create a road map to support the body in healing, look at ways to deal with stress and play with our food!

I love being flexible with my food simply because it gives me so much more freedom. Plus if I am flexible in body, I am also promoting flexibility in my mind. If I feel something is “controlling” me, my immediate response is to rebel! Yes I will eat whatever I want and probably over do it. For me personally (I can only talk about me), I am in a re-building phase as well as a healing phase. With re-building, I want to promote and build strength and with healing, I want to be gentle and nurturing. Do you know where you are right now? Take some time to figure it out because it will help as you create your road map.

Create a road map with a flexitarian approach to eating

My road map will be based on my needs. Yours will be based on yours. Questions you can ask yourself – do you need a balance between freedom and discipline? Do you need flexibility due to your crazy situation at home with kids and family? Do you need simplicity and ease? Do you need help with the planning and cooking? Or do your fridge and pantry need a complete overhaul? It is OK to be where you are, recognize it so that you can create your road map.

  • Building strength – protein – it comes in many forms (lots of flexibility!). At this moment in my life I prefer getting it from meat and fish.
  • Healing – green drinks are my go to every morning, they are simple to make in my Nutri-Bullet and I am drinking my vitamins. Fresh greens, cucumber, berries, ginger/turmeric, coconut water and water. Good sleep, meditation, relaxation, writing, water and exercise also promote healing and nurturing for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Flexibility – a variety of foods – meat/fish, vegetables, sweet potatoes, pasta, grains and my favorite on a Friday night – PIZZA!
  • Fun – of course I keep some fun snack foods in my pantry – loving my salt and vinegar chips right now and yes I love my wine 🙂
  • Simplicity – simple works perfectly in my life right now. I recently bought a small air fryer and I love it. Clean up is kept to a minimum and for one person it is wonderful.
a flexitarian approach to eating
Love ordering pizza on a Friday night!

As you can see, by creating a road map based on your current needs, you can approach the food that you eat (diet) with flexibility and fun. Your body is always changing as is your life. Consistent exploration is key and it’s easier to go with the ebbs and flows of life.

Deal with stress

How do you deal with your stress? Four things that you can do to keep your central nervous system calm.

  • Exercise.
  • Meditate.
  • Write daily in a journal – try three full pages without stopping. Mornings are great because you can “empty” your mind and dust out those cobwebs for the day.
  • Begin drinking water as soon as you get up in the morning and drink it throughout the day.
a flexitarian approach to eating
Exercise – indoors and outdoors. Meditate. Breathe. Relax.

Play with your food

While we give our bodies space to heal and time to relax, it’s also important to be playful! I am way too serious at times when it comes to food and I can be too rigid as well which will always put me in a rebellious state. To have fun and play with my food, I allow myself to buy something “I consider” crazy – like marshmallows and graham crackers to make smore’s, oh and a few weeks ago I bought rice crispy squares! OMG, so delicious and fun! My inner child was ecstatic!

Being playful can also mean trying a new recipe – vegan, vegetarian, paleo or keto – something totally out of your wheelhouse. Cooking with your family – kids included! I wish when I was growing up that my mom had asked me to help her in the kitchen, I would have loved learning how to cook with her and it would have been a wonderful place for us to spend time together. Add tons of colors into your “diet” – oranges, reds, greens, blues, browns, whites, pinks etc..

A flexitarian approach to eating
Invite your friends over and cook together. Your food will naturally be infused with love and positive energy! Your body will digest much better!

I also know that being more playful with food helps my body heal. My body receives the message of “play” and “fun” and immediately begins to relax – it is no longer in that “constricted” mode of stress and tension or that feeling of “ugh, I am on a diet and can’t eat this or that”. Sometimes you gotta go through that drive-through and order a burger! Play will add ease in to your mindset and you will find yourself more naturally drawn to healthier foods – you won’t be fighting yourself to make good choices.

a flexitarian approach to eating
Play in the kitchen! And play with your food! Enjoy being “flexible” in mind, body and spirit! Adopt a flexitarian approach to eating…