Feeding your spiritual health is as important as feeding other areas of your life. It requires daily attention even it is only for a few moments. Spiritual health for me is a daily practice of connecting with Spirit, myself and nature as well as finding hope even in the hardest of times. There is a deep part of myself that is all knowing and peaceful at all times however, SHE, needs feeding – attention, recognition and silence especially if SHE is going to live fully and purposefully.

Recently my life took an abrupt turn, and I was forced to go a different direction. As a result, I had to take a hard look at myself and my life and figure out what the “F” I was doing and where the “F” I was going! At this point I only have a few ideas floating around in my scattered brain and I am not ready to make fixed decisions because I am in the process of finding my feet. So, I have slowly been figuring out that a beautiful place to start is with my spiritual health – my heart and my soul. They need feeding – love, attention, light, silence, steadiness, care, calm and a little duct tape to put them back together.

I stopped taking care of my spiritual health

Unintentionally, I stopped feeding my spiritual health. I got terribly busy taking care of my ex, his happiness, my dogs, my cats and our life together. I was not seeing the tole it was having on my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul. Now here I am presented with a beautiful opportunity to start again and take the time I need to nurture and feed my heart and soul.

Feed your spiritual health through painting.
Find your inner artist. Connect to your spiritual self and emotions through painting

Ways I am feeding my spiritual health

Writing! I write in a journal – love to write free hand – it always feels like it is a free flow of feelings from heart and soul onto a blank page where nobody judges me, and I am free to be my authentic self (still getting to know her!). I am writing blog articles – trying to be personal and honest with my readers and clients – I want them to know that I am human and still seek fulfillment in various areas of my life just like them. I do breath work (most days) – it calms my anxiety when it kicks into high gear, it brings me into the present moment, and it absolutely clears my head when it is swimming with crazy thoughts. I exercise – recently I joined a Martial Arts school to get back into Muay Thai as well as reconnect with that badass part of my self – she is fearless and strong, and boy do I need her right now!

Feed your spiritual health by writing in journal. Practice being your authentic self.
Let your feelings free flow onto a blank page. No judgment. Be pure and raw. A space where you can practice being your authentic self.

Ways to feed your spiritual health & an exercise to determine your needs

Write. Meditate. Breathe. Exercise out in nature. Paint. Draw. Read a book that inspires you to grow. Play music and dance with your dogs. Hug your cat. Cook (new recipes are always fun!). There are so many ways that you can feed your spiritual health. Remember to practice daily! Even if it is for just a few minutes.

Here’s a quick exercise as to how you can determine what your heart and soul are needing.

  • Put your left hand on your heart (we give with our right and receive with our left), close your eyes and ask – what does my heart need right now? What does my soul need right now? The answers will gently float to the surface and you will know exactly what you need to do for you. Trust those first answers – they are always right.
Feed your spiritual health with meditation.
Get quiet so you can connect to her. She needs your attention.

Today – Affirmations

Today, I am taking everything one day at a time.

Today, I spent time feeding my spiritual health, healing my heart and soul.

Today, I remind myself that I am healing slowly but surely.

And today, I am forever grateful to be here sharing this with you.