What the heck is that – Inspired Action?

First of all, it’s important to take consistent action (steps) towards the life you want to be living. The more I understand what a powerful creator I am, the more I realize that it’s totally possible for me to be living the life I dream about. And, in plenty of ways, I am living that life.  A healthy lifestyle, a business that I love, more and more my relationship with myself is improving and I am pursuing my other dreams of becoming a published author, running half marathons and just being one of those women that crushes it in life!

It’s taken me some time to REALLY get it but on this deep level I now totally understand that it’s me that is in charge and not what happens outside of me that is in charge. For the longest time, it really felt like my life was controlled by outer circumstances and that always had me feeling powerless and helpless – and any action I took was not giving me the results I wanted. And that always led to these feelings of deep and intense frustration which would result in tail spinning – no fun.

Here’s a good example from my business life.

I was measuring my success and happiness on how many clients I had – usually focusing on the lack of clients and lack of money. And based on my energy around that stuff – people would always ask – how many clients do you have? How much money are you making? And I always felt like it was never enough. As a result I would feel embarrassed or even ashamed. One is only successful to the degree that one measure’s it. You might want to reframe how you measure success.

For whatever reason, it was a habit to focus on the lack – lack of clients, lack of money, lack of good men out there (relationship wise), lack of time, lack of energy etc. And it was so deeply ingrained! I had no idea that on a daily basis I was literally focusing on “not enough of _____________” – you fill in that blank space in your own life. But what it really came down to was this – I had this deep belief that I WAS NOT ENOUGH. And that not enough statement translated to everything in my life – not enough sleep (ever), not enough time, not enough clients, not enough money, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough and the list goes on.

And I know I did not act like that on the outside – from the outside looking in, I looked pretty together. However my internal world and my internal life was topsy turvy, it was all discombobulated and messed up because I really believed that change came from the outside. Once I had more clients, more money, more security, more  resources, more education, more social media experience – then, and only then would my internal world change and only then, would I become ENOUGH.

Now I know the truth. The outside does not create the inside – you, your soul, your spirit – that is what creates your outside world. (#itsaninsidejob) It’s what you believe on the inside. For months and months, my daily mantra was “I am enough”. Ya, it was making a difference and I was noticing small shifts. But I did not completely understand that in my heart, I still truly believed I wasn’t enough. And then one day it just clicked. A light bulb went off and I really got it. I finally understood that I didn’t have to change anything about myself nor did I have to have to ALL those things (security, resources, relationships, money, clients, a perfect lifestyle etc.) to get to that place of – OK, now I am enough. It’s not the things outside of you that will fill you up, you already are full, you are already whole and complete. You are perfect. You were born perfect and always will be perfect.

And once you REALLY get that in your heart of hearts, you will feel this great sense of relief. Because at that point, you will no longer have to work as hard, play as hard, exercise as hard – everything will come easy. Doors will begin to open naturally. Everything you desire will come to you so easily – you will literally be laughing all the way to the bank LOL!!!

And once you get that (#youareenough, #Iamenough), you will begin to take inspired action. Inspired action does not come from thinking about something and then doing it. It just happens. A thought pops in your head and then you go and do it. For example – I was out running the other day. I finished my run and got back to the parking lot – I thought, why not take a quick video of myself and post it on my business FB page? I moved my car to the farthest end of the parking lot, made sure nobody was around LOL, took a few takes, and then just popped the best one onto FB. (I had never put a video of myself on FB – FYI).

Now how inspired was that? If I would have thought about it (too much) and then done it, I probably would not have taken action out of fear of how I looked after a run (red, hot and sweaty), out of fear based on the feeling that I wasn’t enough , and out of fear of what others might think about me. However, at this stage of the game, I truly love who I am and I feel really great on the inside. What I feel on the inside (now) has literally changed my vibration and it shows. My intention with the video was to say hi to my audience and connect with them. And I did just that – all of that happened in a matter of 10 minutes or less. #inspiredaction.

Inspired action also comes so much more easily when you are connected (which you always are – even if you don’t know it) to that deep inner part of yourself that is not your body and not your mind. It comes to you because you have opened to that frequency inside of you that is total and complete love. And that frequency is what opens doors for you, it drives you to take inspired action, there’s no resistance or fear – just love. That is where inspired action comes from. It’s not one of 70,000 thoughts you think throughout the day – I would say about 80% of those thoughts are not true, they are mostly ridiculous snapshots of the crap you pick up from TV, from friends, from social media, from the internet etc.

So what are some steps that you could begin taking to tune in to that marvelous frequency inside of you? It’s not only marvelous; it provides you with everything you need at all times. That’s right, you already have everything you need right inside of you (#youareenough#Iamenough) to achieve those dreams of yours. Once you tune in you will never want to tune out again. It’s more joyful, it’s easier, did I mention that it’s easier?

Here are 6 steps you can take to tune in and begin (or continue) shifting to this new paradigm of “it’s an inside job” and “I am enough” and “I take inspired action”.

  1. Meditation. I know I say that a lot but it’s true. The more you meditate, the easier it is to distinguish the voice that is your intuition vs. the voice that is your mind or that one that sounds like a critic or your mother yelling at you. And the easier it is to take inspired action because you are more open to receive due to less thought clutter.
  2. Get out in nature. I spend a lot of time running/walking at different parks. In fact this morning, I veered my car in another direction to go to a different trail in one split second. It just seemed like a good idea, in that moment, to head to a different part of the trail. #inspiredaction.
  3. Exercise outdoors without music. I know that’s hard for some but for me, it allows unnecessary crap to roll off me and I intentionally open my ears to listen to nature around me while I am exercising. Nature is a great frequency to tune into.
  4. Listen to yourself vs. listening to others. Taking advice from friends and family is not wise. You know yourself best. You know exactly what you need at all times. Friends and family have their own ideas about what is best for you, they have good intentions BUT, they are not on your path. Trust yourself and the journey you are on.
  5. Get a coach. A coach’s job is to help you live up to your potential. A coach helps you stay on track, is objective, and really helps you elaborate and explore the vision you have for your life. They help you recommit when you don’t complete your action steps, they support you unconditionally in whatever it is you would like to accomplish. Nothing is too small or too big. For them, all action steps toward any goal or dream are important – because that goal or dream is important to you. They do not minimize anything in your life, they do not impose their beliefs and they do not tell you what you should do. They allow you to explore, envision – in fact they empower you.
  6. Spend time doing what brings you joy. I find I experience joy in different ways. Writing brings me joy, exercising brings me joy, my dogs bring me joy (most of the time), that feeling of fulfillment that I get after finishing with a client brings me joy – but it’s a calm joy, it’s a light feeling that comes from inside of me. Every day I discover it more and more and without so much effort which is an oxymoron in itself. It took me a while to understand that life is supposed to be joyful and fun.

Try those on for size and see what happens once you begin implementing them. And really understand that you are enough as you are. Life does not change from the outside in; it changes from the inside out.

I can tell you from experience, that once you begin feeling that, the knowing of it will be so obvious. And also speaking from experience, your outside may not immediately reflect the change on the inside, so you may have a few seconds of doubt, however do not go there or stay there too long. Evidence of what you want will begin showing up. So stay or get connected to that truest part of you and get or stay in that knowing place that you are enough. Once you arrive there, it’s all a downhill ride!!

Sometimes all it takes is one article or something someone says to spark that awareness that you are enough (already). And this is why I wrote about this, to inspire and spark that knowing that you are enough. I really hope my journey inspires and empowers you to keep moving forward on your intended path. It really is an amazing shift and there’s this wonderful feeling of power and like finally, you are in control of your life.

What powerful and inspired action could you take in this moment?