Whether you are focusing on your health (weight loss, exercise, healthy foods etc), trying to find some balance in your life or boosting the health of your business, these 5 easy steps can really help add to all areas of your life.

One thing I have learned about health, life and business is that it’s important to “treat” the whole body or let’s put it this way – treat your whole life – not just one area. For example – better quality sleep will not only enhance your health but also enhance your ability to focus throughout the day. With a hydrated body you will feel energized.

I find that being in business, it’s especially important to have a good personal routine, it’s almost like your business will demand that of you. Maybe that’s my perspective but I can tell you that my business has definitely pushed me to take better care of myself. To nourish my body properly, get plenty of rest, and to nourish my soul – even take up a regular spiritual practice of meditation. If had a “regular” job, there’s no way I would even think of doing this stuff, I would be more focused on my job and probably not have time to really put into place these powerful habits. I would exercise (I love to exercise though) but I know that I wouldn’t feel happy on all levels. The reason I know that is because I have had a job in the past and was never fully satisfied nor happy.

Now that’s not to say that if you have a job you won’t or can’t implement these 5 steps. Of course you can! Like me, you will simply have to make a conscious effort and decide that these are all really important for you to really feel happy and healthy. The greatest gift Red Hot Coaching has given me is this journey into a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. Putting myself and my needs first was never a priority – I always took better care of others than I did myself. In some weird way, my business has been the most magnificent teacher I will ever have.

So I hope that with any or all of these steps below, you too can slowly increase your energy, feel better in your body, confident in your life and of course happy!!

5 Easy Steps that will add to your Success – Health, Life & Business

1. A scheduled practice of silence or meditation. This time is simply an opportunity for you to access your true Self, your soul. The part of you that is immune to criticism, unfearful of any challenge and it feels beneath no one. The soul is humble and has respect for all people and it is where ALL of your power lies. It is a place of infinite creativity, freedom and bliss. When you first begin, your mind will get loud, sometimes even ugly, you may experience resistance to that silence, BUT eventually the mind gives up and you sink deep into your place of power and calm. Turn off the the TV, the radio, put your book down and just get quiet. Time yourself, let the voice of the ego drift off and just BE.

2. Create a powerful morning routine. Do you make time for breakfast? Do you make time to take your vitamins and drink water every morning? Do you make time to stretch a little? Do you like to exercise in the mornings? Do you brush your teeth and wash your face? A good morning routine is healthy and helps get your day started on a positive vibe.

3. Hydrate throughout the day. This is a must. Your body is 70% water!! You need to keep fueling your body and mind with lots of water. 3 liters a day is optimal. I personally drink 100oz of water a day which is almost 3 liters. One 24oz water bottle filled up 4 times. The first bottle goes down first thing in the morning – before I even get out of bed. I carry this bottle with me everywhere. That way, water is always handy and there for me to drink.

4. Sleep. When we sleep the body goes into repair mode, yes that is when the body does it’s best healing work. Good rest is also good for the mind and the soul. When I wake up feeling well rested, it is the first thing that comes out of my mouth (I talk to myself lol). I hear myself say, wow, I feel good and rested. Lack of sleep causes mood swings, inability to concentrate, the need for stimulants to stay awake, Shut down your phone, your computer, turn off the TV and get to bed at a decent hour. Sleep may not come right away so light a candle by your bed, take some time to breathe deeply, shift your body and mind into rest mode. Sleep also gives your mind time to take a break from any stresses or problems – and you may wake up in the morning fresh with new solutions!

5. Choose joy and happiness. Yes they are choices and they are choices that come from the inside. Nothing outside of you can make you happy – it is you that must choose (on a daily basis). It is you that must choose to be happy. It’s like an internal switch that has to be flipped every day, especially if you are used to being unhappy or waiting for that “something” to make you happy. What’s funny is that as soon as you choose to be happy (just for today), something will try to get in your way. I don’t know why that happens but it does! It’s crazy yet, after a couple of days, that will begin to stop or you won’t notice it anymore because you will have gotten the message – happiness is an inside job. Nothing outside of you can change that or take that away!

Try implement any or all of these with a month (let’s say) in mind. For one month you (I) will make an effort to implement these steps and then see how you (I) feel. It does take time to create new habits and you have to give yourself a chance. Don’t try to be perfect, just do your best! And just by setting this intention, you will create a change in your life, and one that will enhance you from the inside out.

All in joy,