Surf the Waves to Success

Let Your Vision Become Reality

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Surf the Waves to Success

Let Your Vision Become Reality

Empowered from Within: Journey to your Best Self!

Unleash your inner strength and become absolutely

“FRICKING” selfish in the best possible way!


Ready to break free from the cycle of seeking validation from others?

Tired of feeling depleted, fragmented and constantly putting others before yourself?


You don’t need to change a thing about yourself right now!

Imagine a life where you are no longer held back by low self-esteem, where worry is replaced by confidence and self doubt transforms into unshakeable self-trust. 

It’s time to embrace being unapologetically “fucking” selfish in the best way possible.

I get it; you’re the caring, giving soul who always puts others first. BUT in doing so, you’ve left yourself feeling depeted, unhappy, and questioning your worth. 

The good news? I see you – you’re smart, capable and ready for a change.


Connect with yourself daily, prioritize YOUR happiness, YOUR dreams, YOUR success and YOUR abundance. Clean up your energy, live life on your  terms, and let me share a little secret with you – YOU are in charge! 

No more overthinking; feel your way through life. Set boundaries, be with generous with… guess who? YOU! Kick that inner critical voice to the curb and trust in YOU. Build in non-negotiables, transform your relationships – the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

Ever wonder how being selfish can accomplish so much? If I hadn’t of turned my own life around with this approach, I wouldn’t believe it either! 

Welcome to a coaching journey tailored just for you. In this transformative program, you will undergo a powerful evolution. Picture yourself emerging as a confident, successful individual who trusts her own judgment. No more relying on external validation – you become the source of your own confidence and assurance. 

Setting boundaries won’t be a struggle anymore; it becomes a natural expression of self-care. As you progress through the program, you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed, more in control, and more attuned to your true self. 

Imagine waking up everyday with unwavering belief in your abilities and an understanding that everything in your life is happening for your highest good. This isn’t just a coaching program; it’s a journey to your best self. 





Ready for a change?

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    Meredith is a strong and sturdy voice. She has been helping/guiding me for a few years now. I love talking to her and the valuable insights she brings with her patience and knowledge. I can truly say that Meredith’s coaching has put me on a better path with my career, health, children and my overall self.

    – Corina Villeda-Warren

    Red Hot Coaching has been an exceptional professional resource and tool.  Meredith is a gifted coach and has the unique ability to meet one where they are on a deep spiritual and emotional level.  Her website reflects her professional style and approach to coaching as she draws from a wide berth of academic, athletic and creative disciplines as well as intriguing life experiences and travels. Thanks Meredith, you are the best!

    – Angelle Rhemann

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