Choose one that best suits where you are now. There can be overlap and we can draw from each program at any time. You may advance from one program to another

Start From Scratch

  • Release old baggage. Heal old traumas and emotional wounds.
  • Prioritize the area of your life that requires the most attention.
  • Focus. Use the Pivot Technique to gauge exactly where your focus is.
  • Add in action steps to begin building momentum.
  • Begin a meditation practice.
  • Level up. Open yourself up to greater possibilities. Achieve and accomplish more.

Life Purpose and Vision Plan Coaching

  • Discover your Life Purpose.
  • Identify areas of your life that are unfulfilled and achieve life balance.
  • Take action – use fear to move you forward vs. hold you back.
  • Use what you didn’t get enough of as a child to fuel your life’s mission.
  • Create a daily practice for keeping your consciousness in a positive state.
  • Learn and utilize tools to keep your vibration high.

Design and Implement your Ideal Life

  • Tap into your power – everything is an inside job.
  • Design your ideal life vision.
  • Live from the energy of the completed vision.
  • Apply accountability that empowers you to your highest success.
  • Receive unconditional support to actualize your dreams.
  • Become a Master of Creation.

Coaching for the Adventurous Entrepreneur

  • Identify your unique gifts that can be applied to the needs of your business.
  • Create a vision, architect the look and the feel of your business.
  • Find the joy in discipline as you focus your gifts and talents to grow your business.
  • Use your Life Purpose as a compass to guide the direction of your business.
  • Red Hot Coaching partners with you and offers unconditional support to reach your ultimate success.
  • Release limiting beliefs that hold you back and create the consciousness for success.
  • Balance your business success with a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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